bates motel

I was looking through some of my pics from when I was living in Los Angeles, and stumbled upon this photoshoot with my dearest friend Noopur.

The two of us used to plan these outings as a temporary escape from the hectic student life at UCLA. We would make a day out of it – shoot, coffee, outfit change, shoot, dinner.

During this trip, we decided to visit Bates Motel, an abandoned motel in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles.  The location was the subject for a public art piece by the French artist Vincent Lamouroux, who covered the motel in eco-friendly limewash that left the building uniformly bleached and beautiful ( he even got some of the trees outside! ).

It was a pretty stunning sight, as the building stood out like a sore thumb amongst the rest of the grungy surroundings of Sunset Boulevard. Also the clean white backdrop was definitely popular amongst photographers and fashion bloggers. I remember after coming home after the shoot, I found out that one of my favorite fashion bloggers had posted a photo in front of the motel just hours after we had left : ‘ (

Anyways,  here are two pics from the shoot~

IMG_2310 copy

IMG_2313 copy





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