therapeutic LED programming

First time playing around with the Adafruit DotStar LED strips, and ended up coding in a total sensory deprivation warehouse all night —

I used the FastLED library to get started, as it is filled with some pretty amazing demo LED sequences that really help you understand the fundamental loop and pattern repetition structures (an LED strip is basically just one long array of RGB integer values that you can program in a loop…)

One of my favorite features of this library was the CRGBPalette16 class that allows you to create a 0-256 indexed range color palette interpolating between a set of color values. This allows for awesome transitioning between colors in loops.

Anyways, I built off of the FastLED library and created a loop that runs through a few of my own sequences to go with a friend’s installation, check out the video/source code below~

link to sourcode on GitHub:


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